The one-stop shop service for managing trademark portfolios worldwide

Easy and affordable trademark portfolio management – docket, search, monitor, and request actions with the trademarks in one place.

How Trademark Software Works

Integrate portfolio automatically

Make your trademark records fast and easy – all the data will automatically be uploaded from official registers. It’s no need to do it manually!

Docketing with automatically updated statuses

The trademark registrations and applications are tied with records in official trademark databases.

Prepare reports, work in teams

Upload the trademark portfolio reporting and search results in convenient formats. Create teams within the service and share objects and tasks.

Make searches and monitoring

Integrated national and international databases provide option to make searches and create goals for monitoring in different countries.

Set the tasks

No need to find somewhere a lawyer to make trademark renewal, change trademark information, or file a trademark application – do it right here with a couple of clicks.

Why us

Monitoring system allows to set up of notifications when applying for registration of similar trademarks. Analyze the trademark strategy of your competitors

Keep records of all IP objects in a unified convenient format with automatically updated statuses

Managing intellectual property objects all over the world from one online account

Conduct searches within TM databases of different countries and international registration systems in one place

All stages of finding a foreign lawyer and giving instructions in a few clicks


Submit trademark applications online in different countries from one account

Very convenient and intuitive trademark assignment process

Trusted trademark renewal services for businesses and individuals

Preliminary searches among different databases


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Payment method

We accept payment via bank transfer in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and PLN.

We support Visa and Mastercard payments in USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, HUF, NZD, SGD, PLN, RON, CZK, NOK, and DKK.

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Advantages of Pocket IP software solutions

All-in-one platform
No need to switch between different databases, services, and tools – all are gathered in Pocket IP. Our service covers most of your daily tasks with trademarks, whether you are a specialist in a law firm or a company’s legal department.
Thanks to the automation of many processes, managing trademark rights has never been so easy. With Pocket IP you will no longer waste your time checking databases manually, consolidating information from different sources, etc.
Save time and money
Free resources for your company with help of Pocket IP – our modern IT solution made by IP professionals for colleagues increases the efficiency of IP management, which saves time and money, and helps your company compete with less cutting-edge rivals.

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Create free account
Create free account
Step 1
Sign up and try our service for free during the trial period. Book a meeting with our expert if you have questions about Pocket IP.
Integrate trademark portfolio
Integrate trademark portfolio
Step 2
Create the trademark records in a couple of clicks by integrating data from official databases. Our experts could make it as well upon your request.
Manage your portfolio worldwide
Manage your portfolio worldwide
Step 3
Use the Pocket IP to manage your trademarks worldwide – automatically updated trademark and application statuses, trademark accounting, searches, monitoring, filing a new trademark application, etc.


Pocket IP helps to manage trademark portfolios with the tools like – an advanced docketing system to keep and update trademark records, make searches, set up monitoring, file new trademark applications, and get access to the trademark applications tracking system. Our service provides all the main functionality in one place for the development of your business.

Pocket IP service saves time, and money, and increases the efficiency of IP management. Thanks to the automation of many legal processes, you can spend less time visiting separate national and international databases, preparing reports, not missing any deadlines, etc. Customize analytics of trademark strategy of rivals and make optimization of your plans and next steps.

Proper protection of trademark rights demands different actions. Firstly, a trademark should be correctly officially registered in time in all countries, where the company operates. Secondly, a trademark owner should actively monitor new applications to prevent registrations of similar trademarks. The business intelligence of actions with trademarks of other companies helps to watch market trends for the valuation of your IP strategy.

You can manage your trademark portfolio in an old-fashioned way, mostly running it all manually. Or in a modern way, to adjust business processes with IT solutions, which automatize many daily activities and free your time for more important tasks.

Trademark registered only in country A, won’t protect your rights in country B. To obtain legal protection for your brands, you need to make trademark registration in all the countries you operate or intend to operate in the nearest future. And someone else will register the same trademark. Analysis of the trademark activities of competitors will help to understand prioritized countries for your trademark activities.

Pocket IP is designed both for specialists of law firms, which manage the Intellectual property portfolio of their clients and for specialists of legal departments of companies. Both types of users will increase the efficiency of their business processes with Pocket IP.

We are interested to have a wide network of reliable partners, who share our values. If you would like to become Pocket IP’s partner in your country, please contact us.

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