Trademark renewal

There is a 10-year validity period for trademark rights in most countries. It means, that every 10 years the request to renew a trademark should be filed and necessary official fees to be paid. Otherwise, the rights to a trademark will be lost, and to restore it the registration procedure should be started from the very beginning.

Renew Trademark Online
Despite a trademark owner receives legal rights on the brand forever, every 10 years the trademark certificate should be renewed. In case of missing a deadline, the rights for a brand will be lost and a trademark will be canceled
The trademarks registered under national procedure are separate legal objects in each country – with their own registration data, validity periods and expiration dates, requirements on proving trademark use, available periods for renewing procedure, etc.
In case of missing deadlines to pay renewal fees, a trademark owner has a 3-6 months grace period to pay enlarged official fees to extend a trademark certificate for the next 10 years
Trusted trademark renewal services for business and individuals
You will never miss the next expiration date of a trademark with Pocket IP – our users receive a notification that the renewal procedure is open.
Pocket IP automatically calculates available periods to pay renewal fees and the latest possible deadlines within the grace period according to current national legislation.
Our service calculates the amount of the official fee for renewing depending on the date and current exchange rates in USD and EUR. The service commission stated as well to show the cost of the trademark renewal procedure with no hidden fees.
With Pocket IP trademark renewals becoming easy in every country – with just a couple of clicks the rights on a brand will be extended for additional 10 years.

The service is available for countries:

Tips for a trademark renewal process
10 years is a quite long period of time. If you have lost or are not sure about data on a trademark in a particular country, it’s very convenient to use our trademark search system. If a trademark is in a renewal period, submitting a request to renew a trademark registration won’t take long.
By adding a trademark to the list in the Pocket IP account, you will never miss expiration date deadlines. The system will send a notification right when the period to pay renewal fees will be available in that country. Pocket IP will also notify if any additional information regarding the trademark is needed.
Official fees are subject to constant changes, as well as current exchange rates of national currencies. Pocket IP calculates automatically the actual amount of official fees in USD or in EUR. The service commission is shown in advance to forecast the total cost of renewing procedure.
Thanks to automated and unified processes Pocket IP is able to propose fees lower than the market average. Additionally, to simplified renewing process, Pocket IP’s users get additional value, namely free trademark searches and docketing of trademark registrations in different countries. There is no need to store the data in different resources – all are in one place called Pocket IP.

Pocket IP Trademark renewal process step by step

Find trademark registration
Find trademark registration
Find trademark registration in an official database with the registration number, application number, applicant or holder name, or with keywords.
Add trademark
Add trademark
Add a trademark to your objects.
Renewal availability
Renewal availability
The system shows the possibility to renew a trademark from the list.
Start process
Start process
Click on the notification and check all the dates regarding a trademark and the current costs of the renewal procedure
POA and invoice
POA and invoice
Provide data for POA and invoice
Upload docs
Upload docs
Upload relevant files to the system
Trademark is renewed

How often to renew a trademark?

In most countries, the validity term of a trademark registration certificate is 10 years. Still, in some countries, it is calculated from the application date, and in some from the registration date.

In some countries, the validity terms vary and could be 7 years or even 15 years.

And with the terms when the renewal procedure is open the situation is the most diverse – some countries provide 12 months before the expiration date to make renewal procedure, with the 6-month period as the most widespread, the others give 3 months only.

The most dramatic situation is with the grace period if the expiration date was missed. The most loyal countries give an additional year to pay official fees, while the most rigid does not provide any extra time and the trademark will be considered expired.

In some countries, proof of use of a trademark is required to provide with the renewal or in the timeframe between renewing periods.

Do not guess what is your case, just use the Pocket IP service for trademark renewal.

How much does it cost to renew a trademark online?

The cost depends on the country, the timeframe when renewing is requested (before the expiration date or in the grace period) and trademark peculiarities:

– number of classes

– number of trademark holders

The current exchange rate of the local currency may affect significantly the real cost nominated in US dollars or Euros.

For trademark holders who are non-residents assistance from a local trademark attorney is required by the law. So, the service fees of a lawyer are added to the official fees.

Using Pocket IP service allows one to save time and money on trademark renewal in different countries and feel certain about the final result.

Do you need specialists help?

If you have any questions as to the trademark renewing procedure, please provide your email to be contacted by our skilled and experienced trademark specialists


Pocket IP is an easy, secure, and cost-effective way to make a trademark renew in different countries from one online account. Just find your trademark for free with our search service and request a renewal if it is available already.

The period before the trademark expiration date, when the renewal period is open, depends on the country and could be 3, 6, or 12 months. It is not recommended to wait until the last day before the expiration date and request renewal in advance.

Each trademark has an expiration date, which depends on its application or registration date. Different countries set various validity terms for trademark certificates, but almost in all cases is 10 years. The precise date is stated in the trademark certificate and in the official database.

Almost all countries provide an additional timeframe for renewing after the expiration date is passed, the so-called grace period. Trademark owners could have an additional 1, 6, or even 12 months to pay renewal fees, but in a larger fee. Still, in some countries could not be a grace period.