Online application system

Almost anyone who at least once faced the need to find a lawyer in another country knows that it takes a lot of time to find a reliable partner.

The process consists of:

  1. viewing information in various ratings, listings, profile groups in social networks;
  2. collecting contacts and sending letters of request;
  3. collection of responses, gathering of information into a single format;
  4. analysis of information and selection of an agent;
  5. preparing and sending instructions;
  6. discussion of possible clarifications to instructions;
  7. receiving a report on the work progress;
  8. sending letters of request or reminders about statuses.

In total, only the stage before the sending of instructions takes at least 1-2 days. Clarification of instructions may take several more days.

And even this does not give any guarantees that the proposed scheme for fulfilling the client’s needs is correct, the cost is adequate, and the result will not be disappointing.

Pocket IP allows you to go through all the stages in a few clicks, monitor the result of the service online, as well as updates the status of an application or registration are available online.

The cost of registering and maintaining rights to a trademark or patent, as well as all the main information on the application process and renewal of rights have already been prepared by Pocket IP specialists and there is no need to search for this data on an individual basis.

Instructions for performing actions are drawn up in a unified format and given to verified agents in the requested country. In each jurisdiction, Pocket IP has multiple partners to avoid denial instructions due to conflicts of interest.

Updates of object statuses in the Pocket IP online cabinet occur automatically after changing data in the national database or updating a report from an agent.