Docketing system

Businesses present in the markets of several countries, and their lawyers are faced with the problem of the difficulty of accounting for their intellectual property rights objects.

The principle of extraterritoriality does not apply to object of industrial property (trademarks, patents) – the rights to them are valid only in the country where they have passed the official registration procedure. Therefore, any company that has several TM or patents in its portfolio and operates in several countries is faced with the problem of managing its assets – even one TM is thus transformed into dozens or hundreds of different objects that are regulated by various national laws and exist in the business space of different countries.

Because of this, it is not uncommon for companies to “lose” their trademarks – information about registration documents are lost, accurate information about the owner, and the deadlines for renewing the rights to a trademark are missed.

The Pocket IP docketing system allows easily enter information about TM and patents by uploading data from national and international registration systems to a personal account, keep records of all objects in a single convenient format, automatically update information about the IP objects, taking into account the data of possible license agreements, enable the alerting function in case of attempts to unlawfully register similar TM, quickly give instructions to lawyers in other countries.