Trademark assignment

One of the most important legal rights of a trademark owner is the right to give the rights of a trademark to other persons and assign a trademark partially or completely to another person or company.

Benefits of Transferring Trademark Ownership with Pocket IP
Convenience of a process
You see current trademark owner information and simply insert data on a new owner – the service generates the relevant documents automatically
Thanks to the automation of processes, Pocket IP is able to provide services with fees lower than the market average
Costs calculation
Our service provides actual official fees in USD or EUR according to current exchange rates of national currencies
Grounds for the transfer of ownership
Another company or person is interested in conducting business activities in a country under the trademark. In this case, the current trademark owner could sell the rights on a brand and officially register the trademark change ownership information.
A company has changed the country of headquarters registration or has been acquired by another company. To consolidate the assets, including intellectual property rights, the trademark portfolio should be registered in the name of one company.
A company or private person joined another company and as a contribution transferred the rights on trademarks to a newly established legal entity. If a company just changed the name/address, the trademark assignment is not needed, but the information in the official trademark database is subject to update.
In case of a trademark became the ground for issuing preliminary refusal in new trademark registration, the parties might come to an agreement not only to sign a letter of consent but to transfer the rights on the opposed trademark simultaneously.
Trademark assignment process with Pocket IP service

The trademark assignment process is very convenient and intuitive with Pocket IP service.

In the first step, you should find a trademark in the official register with our free search tool, or select a trademark among your objects.

The next is to insert information about the new owner in the relevant fields and provide information for POA (if needed). After signing a POA and assignment agreement (if needed in the country), the order is taken by the trademark attorney for execution.

After an application to record an assignment agreement is confirmed, you will receive notification on changes of information on a trademark in the official database.

Tips for transferring trademark ownership
Find the correct data on a trademark you want to assign. Use our free trademark search to select the trademark you are interested in. We will prepare an assignment agreement based on this information to avoid additional requests from IP Office.
Provide correct data on the new trademark owner. If you would like to prepare a non-standard assignment agreement, please state these terms in the comments.
If the trademark owner remains the same, but a name/address has been changed, there is no need in filing an assignment agreement. Just provide new data to change it in the official trademark database.
Types of assignment
Complete assignment
Most common type. A current trademark owner transfers all the rights to the trademark in the country to another company or a private person. The rights of a new owner are not limited and relevant data is changed in the official trademark database.
Partial assignment
In this case the parties of the assignment agreement right down individual conditions for using a trademark in the country. For instance, limitations regarding the goods/services for which the rights on a trademark are assigned.

How much does it cost to transfer a trademark?

The cost for registration of an assignment agreement consists of an official fee and a professional fee. If one of the parties of an agreement is a non-resident, the services of a local licensed trademark attorney are required.

The fees depend on the country, the number of trademarks in one agreement, and the actual exchange rate of the national currency to the currencies like USD or EUR.

Pocket IP is able to provide the most cost-effective offer on the market thanks to modern IT solutions, which help not only to save money but avoid possible mistakes during the procedure.

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Use Pocket IP service to prepare the data and start the trademark ownership process in a couple of clicks. All you need is to select a trademark to record the changes and give information on a new owner. The service will calculate all the costs and prepare relevant documents for signing (if needed).

The requirements for trademark assignment procedures differ in jurisdictions. In some countries, POAs from each party and signed assignment agreements are required, while in others only a POA from the current owner is required. Pocket IP will guide on requirements in each country.

A trademark assignment agreement is a document signed by the current trademark owner and a person to who the rights on a trademark are transferred. In this agreement are stipulated the terms of a transferring of rights (date, remuneration, info on a new owner, etc.).

The terms, of when trademark information will be updated in an official register, depending on the country. Usually, it takes up to 1-3 months. In some countries, the updated trademark certificate is issued.

When the parties came to an agreement to change the trademark owner, they should sign the assignment agreement and record it officially in IP Office. In some countries, the signed document is not needed, but only the instructions to the trademark attorney are required.