♦ What is Pocket IP?

It is an online trademark management service worldwide. Pocket IP provides an opportunity to manage your TMs, conduct search’s in national and international databases, request a TM renewal as well as file applications for registration of a new TM.

Pocket IP enables 24/7 tracking of TM status with automatic data updates, and interaction with licensed lawyers in various jurisdictions.

Pocket IP does not perform any actions with your TM independently – the service generates and transmits instructions for licensed lawyers, and monitors the status and quality of the service.

♦ How secure is my data?

Our online service implements all methods of protecting information from unauthorized access by third parties.

The information available to the user in his account cannot be disclosed or transferred to third parties without the user’s consent.

Information to a lawyer agent for acting with a TM is transmitted only to the extent that is necessary to complete the user’s task.

Lawyers-agents have entered into nondisclosure agreements on information received from users of the Pocket IP service and undertake not to disclose users’ data to third parties.

For more details on the privacy policy of the user, see the Privacy policy section.

♦ Who is the agent that fulfills my orders?

Lawyers for each jurisdiction are carefully selected by Pocket IP. The decision to start cooperation between the service and the agent is made based on his experience, history on the market and examination.

Before starting work on the order, the agent checks it for the absence of a conflict of interest.

The user cannot choose an agent to complete his task on his\her own.

The name of the agent will be displayed in the TM data after being updated in the database of the relevant national authority.

♦ Who is responsible for the quality and result of the service provided?

Pocket IP is responsible for the service quality as well as for the compliance of the results with the task.

The service cooperates only with agents who meet the standards for the provision of services of proper quality.

If the improper task performance happens due to the agent’s fault, Pocket IP will compensate the user for the losses incurred.

♦ What services does Pocket IP provide?

Pocket IP provides services for:

– TM accounting,

– data integration and synchronization with national and international intellectual property offices,

– providing functionality for conducting searches

– providing functionality for monitoring “mentions” in TM databases

– formation and transmission of instructions for performing actions with TM in different countries

– selection of agents for the provision of services in different countries

– considering complaints and feedback on the progress or result of the provision of the service and compensation for losses incurred following the results of the investigation

– collection and provision of information on legislation governing the field of TM in different countries

♦ What does the cost of the service indicated by the service include?

State fees in the selected currency and the lawyer’s fee for the provision of the service are displayed separately.

The service commission is included in the lawyer’s fee and is not paid additionally.

♦ Will there be any additional expenses?

The full cost of providing the service is indicated by the service and corresponds to the amount in the invoice.

This cost includes taxes on the service and its agents.

The costs of transferring funds from the user to the service account are borne by the user.

The service notifies the user in advance about possible additional expenses during the execution of the order (for example, the need to provide a response to a refusal).

♦ Can I contact the agent performing the task directly?


The service independently selects agents to perform tasks from users.

Before starting work on the order, the agent checks it for the absence of a conflict of interest.

The user cannot choose an agent to complete his task on his\her own.

In case of unsatisfactory quality of the service, the user can contact the support service for a prompt resolution of the situation.

♦ How can I keep track of my order?

The status of the order is displayed in the My tasks section.

The user is notified of the change in the status of the order by a message in the online system and via email.

♦ Can I change the data for the task during its execution?

Depending on the stage of order fulfillment, the user can make changes to the instructions.

The user is notified in advance of the need for additional fees for making changes.

♦ How can I contact the service?

If you have any questions, complaints, or feedback about the procedure or progress of the order, you can send a request to help@pocketip.com.

In the request, you should specify the email by which the user is registered and the name of the task (if any).

♦ Can I leave my feedback on the service?

We will be very grateful for any of your suggestions for improving the quality of our service, be sure we will consider them.

You can send your feedback on the Pocket IP service to feedback@pocketip.com.