Alerting system

The more successful the business and the more successful the brand has become, the more likely it is that others will want to use the brand’s fame by imitating or simply copying the TM.

Often, brand owners are faced with a dilemma – to bear the high costs of monitoring the use of their trademarks in other countries, to fight imitators, attempts by squatters, and unscrupulous distributors to register their TMs or to let the dice roll.

Depending on how large the market is for the company, one of these options is chosen. Due to the fact that the blind eye to the situation in certain markets is applying, brand owners receive less profit from sales in, in their opinion, secondary markets.

But, after the company reconsiders its priorities, it often turns out that it will take a lot of money and time to return at least the rights to its TM in many countries.

Reputational losses for a brand can also become a problem – for many years, products under such a trademark could be counterfeit, which is why consumers have already formed a stable perception of such a brand.

The monitoring system from Pocket IP allows to set up notifications (alerts) when applying for registration of similar TM in the countries specified by the user, including customs registers.

Most importantly, notifications come to the user at the same moment when the information about the application for a similar TM is officially published.

It will also be available to set up alerts for search systems and social networks when the TM or brand name is used by others (illegal sale, fake, or imitation of the original product).

Improvement and automation of the monitoring system of their TM abroad will allow a more effective fight against infringers and earn more for official manufacturers.