Integrated search forms

Conducting preliminary searches among registered and filed for registration trademarks is an essential condition for the successful registration of TM.

This becomes especially important in the case of plans to enter the markets of different countries, or monitoring the use of the brand in other countries.

However, TM databases of different countries are located on different platforms, in different languages ​​, and provide information in different formats. This forces even experienced intellectual property professionals to spend a lot of time conducting such searches and preparing a search report.

Pocket IP solves this problem and saves time and also reduces the risk of missing out on important search results.

Pocket IP provides a search in the databases of national and international trademark registration systems – showing results in a single format using convenient search algorithms.

Search results in the Pocket IP system will show the same and similar trademarks, as well as trademarks that are the exact translation of the meaning into the national language.

The search results report can be saved by the user to avoid the need for repeated duplicate searches.

Also, data on specific trademarks can be used to enable the function of tracking changes in the status of a particular trademark or trademark application.