Pocket IP is the winner of Baltic Legal Tech Sandbox


The Baltic Legal Tech Sandbox, an accelerator designed to nurture early-stage legal tech startups in their growth journey, was successfully completed. During this program, participants had a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of business development while engaging with key figures in the Baltic market, including startup ecosystem experts, lawyers, and investors, through mentoring sessions.

The program offered a diverse range of webinars and online sessions that comprehensively covered crucial legal aspects of startup development. Triniti‘s legal experts like Valter Vohma, associate partner at Triniti Estonia, and partners from Triniti Jurex, including Vilija Viešūnaitė, Evaldas Pocevičius, Aurelija Rutkauskaitė, and Giedrė Čiuladienė, led these sessions. They delved into topics such as company establishment, IP protection, taxes, disputes, and other vital legal matters. These sessions equipped participants with invaluable insights and guidance to navigate the complexities of their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The program featured eight startups from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine, comprising professionals from diverse sectors, including legal services, banking, cybersecurity, and energy. Additionally, the cohort included experts in business management and innovation. The primary focus was on startups contributing to the digitization and advancement of the Baltic legal system.

These innovative startups introduced solutions such as virtual wills, more efficient trademark registration processes, AI-based automated customer reputation checks, personal data management systems, and all-in-one cloud-based software for optimizing the operations of fast-growing law firms.

Among these promising startups, the winner of the project was Pocket IP.

In essence, IP Pocket has revolutionized trademark portfolio management, offering an easy and affordable solution that includes docketing, searching, monitoring, and requesting actions related to trademarks, all in one place. This innovative startup has been selected to represent their company at the Pitch Battle of the international startup event Startup Fair, showcasing the remarkable potential of legal tech innovation in the Baltic region.

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