Global coverage

It is less and less common to find companies whose products or services are present only in the market of one country. Globalization leads to the fact that if previously only a large business could afford to work in several countries, now even small family-owned manufacturers trade their products in the markets of different countries on different continents.

Despite the harmonization of registration processes and national laws regulating trademark and patent rights:

  • national and regional systems of intellectual property rights have their own particularities;
  • a unified accounting of their intellectual property objects is required, with information about registration data, deadlines, etc.
  • the more markets of presence there are, the more difficult it becomes to monitor the use of trademarks abroad;
  • most actions with intellectual property objects in another country on behalf of a non-resident require a local licensed lawyer;
  • choosing a lawyer to represent interests in another country is a difficult task even for experienced industry professionals.

Pocket IP offers its users to manage intellectual property objects all over the world from one online account.

Pocket IP system contains:

Partner lawyers in other countries have already been checked and selected by the Pocket IP team, and the service is responsible for the quality of carrying out instructions.