2021 Dec 28 By Pocket IP

At the end of December 2021, the first users received an invitation to test the Pocket IP online service.

The first users are companies and representatives of law firms serving the TM portfolios of their clients in Ukraine.

Crane IP Law Firm became the first partner of the service to fulfill user orders in Ukraine. This law firm meets all the requirements for obtaining the status of a Pocket IP partner – it has the necessary experience in the market, experience in serving international clients, an impeccable business reputation, and a presence in recognized international profile ratings.

The following features are available for early Pocket IP users during the testing period:

– conducting searches on TM databases in Ukraine (Ukrpatent / National Intellectual Property Authority) and WIPO.

– docketing forms for TM registered in Ukraine under the national and international procedure.

– notifications about changes in the status of a trademark application.

– notifications about the approaching expiration date of the registered trademarks in Ukraine.

– ordering a renewing service for trademarks registered under the national procedure in Ukraine.

– helpful information on the legal regulation of TM registration on the territory of Ukraine.

– a dictionary of the list of goods and services in classes in accordance with the Nice Classification.

The service supports three language versions: English, Ukrainian, and Russian.

After the completion of the testing stage, the Pocket IP service will be presented for use by everyone.