Pocket IP, a universal system for the management of intellectual property objects all around the world, was founded by experts in the field of intellectual property law with many years of experience.

The co-founders of Pocket IP have a combined experience of almost 20 years, of which 3 years as owners of their own law firm, Crane IP.

The founders of Pocket IP have experience both as professionals in law firms and as in-house specialists in companies. This allowed us to gain experience and understand the needs of different businesses and different requests for their IP management.

Pocket IP is a system that was created for the lawyers’ own needs and which we would like to have for ourselves. At Crane IP, we have chosen to specialize in serving the needs of customers in multiple countries simultaneously because we understand and have seen for ourselves how convenient it is to manage your IP portfolio through a ‘single window’.

Pocket IP develops this philosophy and, thanks to the addition of IT solutions, removes the need for direct communication with lawyers, providing prompt answers to many questions, automating part of the processes.

Pocket IP was created to solve the problem of the lack of a universal system for managing the intellectual property – there is no longer a need to work in several databases, keep records of objects manually, waste time and money looking for reliable partner lawyers in other countries. All this has already been implemented in Pocket IP by intellectual property specialists for their colleagues from all over the world.

A single online platform will allow to supervise and manage the trademark in one user account, saving time and money for legal services of enterprises, business owners, and law firms serving them.